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Top 5 carpet colours for 2019


Carpets can be just like clothing and come in and out of season frequently. However there are a few styles and colours that have real staying power and won’t leave you feeling buyers remorse a few months down the line. Let’s take a look at some of our favourite carpet colours and why they may be the best choice for your home. However remember before we jump in to what we think is best, it is all subjective. Everyone’s home is personal to them. You will feel a lot better about your carpet months down the line if you go with what you like rather than what’s the in thing at that moment. 

Jet black


Starting with a divisive one, black carpets split opinions some love them some stay well clear. Both sets of people are correct. A deep black carpet can really add an abundance of warmth to your room, perfect for bedrooms or living rooms. The dark tones work so well with almost any darker wall type and you will really feel the difference in the winter months. To get the best results we would suggest a much larger pile than you would usually get especially for this colour a thinner black carpet risks looking like the cheap option. A big reason why people steer clear of black is that it extenuates dirt and mess, even the slightest bit of dirt will really show up. So probably a no no for families with young kids or high foot traffic areas.

Darker Greys 


All the warmth benefits of a black carpet yet the best thing is it will hide dirt much more reliably and will give your home a more modern look. Dark greys will never go out of fashion it’s the reason why they are popular for kitchen cabinets, new windows and carpets. This is the go to choice for people trying to renovate a home to sell or rent. The reason for this is because a dark grey is the safe yet functional often it looks good all year round and complements lighter walls. If you have rooms with big windows or that get a lot of natural light, this may be your best choice. 

Heather Greys


A bit higher maintenance than its darker counter point but for bedrooms you will really notice the difference. A light grey carpet looks brilliant all year round and really help a smaller room stand out a lot more than it should. Like a lot of lighter carpets when put in a room with natural light this carpet will really stand out in the summer months. However something to stay away from is to over use it. You shouldn’t be doing an entire home in this colour, just certain rooms to see the real benefit. This carpet will complement natural wood in your other rooms. Looks great…. Use sparingly.



Yep, I heard you scoff at striped carpets a choice everyone keeps well clear of, and for good reason. People are just using striped carpets completely wrong and this is a big reason they are overlooked. When using a full striped carpet for a large room in my opinion, it just doesn’t work and distorts how the room should look. Try using them on the stairs, landings and hallways however, you will suddenly see a huge difference. Striped carpets on stairs offer you something that no other carpet will, it is also versatile. Try using striped carpet to not completely cover each step, leaving the natural wood on either side. This should give you a timeless and contemporary look that really can’t be beaten and matches certain homes interiors perfectly. 




Very much a standard carpet colour, when you think of carpets this colour may come to your head. But be careful not to over look it there is reason why it is so popular. A beige carpet can make a room look much bigger than it actually is and puts more of an emphasis on your walls. It is very much one of those carpets that you won’t realise how effective it was until after it has gone. Be careful as it is easy to go wrong with beige a cheap low quality beige carpet will really not long great however the better quality you buy the better results you will see. 


Some of these colours mentioned above should be a great starting point for when picking your next carpet. However there are some other things to take into consideration before you choose: Are you using the same carpet for the whole house, is your hallways next to your carpeted room, vinyl, laminate or wood? What is the colour scheme of your house. All these things should make a huge impact in your decision making. Luckily if you are buying off of a good carpet fitter then they should be able to advise you on what works and what does not.   .