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Laminate flooring trends 2020

There is no doubt laminate flooring is one of the most stylish flooring options for your home. From hallways to bedrooms and living rooms a laminate flooring adds so much to any room. However the big issue with laminate flooring is it is very easy to buy the wrong type, have it poorly installed then you can end up making your home look cheaper. Let’s talk through some of the most popular laminate flooring trends in 2020 so you can ensure your floor will match your contemporary home style all year round. 


Natural Wood Effects


A classic that never goes out of style you can’t beat a laminate floor that gives you that hard wood look for a fraction of the cost. As saying a wood effect floor is a no brainer you should be looking deeper into your options. Rustic looks are growing in popularity and having a more traditional looking floor will help your home look timeless all year round. Consider oak effects for that rustic country home look that work wonders with hard wood surfaces in any kitchen. Although in the past many people were opting for darker woods, lighter tones are now more popular and undoubtedly look better in those summer months lightening up your room and giving the impression of more space. A lighter oak effect laminate in your loft can give your room the look of a modern studio apartment instantly. Although lighter wood shades are harder to maintain and keep looking clean they benefit from hiding the natural fading of laminate for longer. More and more people are willing to put up with a little extra maintenance so they can get the modern style they are looking for. 


Lighter Colours


How often do you see that classic brown laminate in everyone’s home, it’s so uniform and really has no personality. Although it works for many because of its simplicity, if you are reading this blog post you are clearly looking for something more with that wow factor, something that makes your home stand out and feel better at the same time. Start looking into lighter colours creams and whites although not what comes to find when you think of laminate these floor colours look truly stunning. They should be used in rooms that attract a lot of natural light as a light floor can look quite dower in a darkened hallway. When it comes to carpets people stick to the darker colours greys and blacks however your laminate doesn’t have to stick to those rules. While a cream carpet is a big no to many people a light laminate floor can be the right choice it will be easier to keep that light carpet and keep its new look for longer. A lighter floor can also change the way you look at your entire room, while many people opt for a darker floor then brighter painted walls a lighter laminate floor can give you the option to do the opposite. With a stunning lighter tone floor you will now have the freedom to change up your wall colours and select colours that wouldn’t have worked before such as those warm chocolates and mocha creams.


Don’t forget Acoustic Underlay


Acoustic underlay should no longer be considered an optional extra but rather an absolute must and just as important as the floor itself. A common mistake is that people pop down to B&Q select the laminate flooring like the most and completely forget about the underlay or its quality. You should be considering the underlay just as important as the floor because it can be the deciding factor in whether you regret your purchase or not. A good quality acoustic underlay will help insulate your floor retaining warmth and sound making laminate for the upstairs of the house a real option now with it sounding like you have an elephant up stairs. A quality underlay will also change the flooring feels to walk on over the year. The extra support will strengthen the floor and help it last much longer than without.  


The one thing that never changes with flooring


Get it fitted properly! People always think I can spend more on the floor, fit it myself and save money to buy a better quality product. While that logic is sound the issue is if your flooring is fitted poorly you have just wasted your money. You will quickly see your flooring begin to fail and move because of the way it’s been fitted. Many laminate flooring suppliers are now offering an alternative to this by including the installation in the cost of the floor. This way you can have your flooring fitted by a time served expert and you don’t have to worry about your floor failing from poor fitting. There is clearly a demand for people fitting laminate themselves, just glance at youtube and you can see videos “how to install laminate flooring” with over 5 million views. If you are looking for the cheapest quick fix this is probably the way to go. But if you are reading up about what are the best floor trends and researching your purchase then clearly you want better results. Shop around, get prices, use an expert. You won’t regret it.